About CreativelyKaty

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I’m Katy Owens, born and raised in little town Helena, Arkansas and now live in Birmingham, Alabama with my hottie husband, 3 kiddos, and chocolate lab.
I’ve always been a creative kid, and loved designing and planning parties, but never thought I would start a stationery business. I’m a former teacher and will possibly go back someday, but I needed an outlet while staying at home with kids. I tried it all: Vipkid, painting signs, designing shirts, and more, but something clicked when I started designing stationery.

I’ve always appreciated intentionality. A handwritten note means the world to me, so much that my husband built a notecard holder to remind himself to write me notes every so often. I’m the worst at being prepared for events and activities, so I started designing little notes and tags to have on hand to give to neighbors and friends. This ranged from baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, to thinking of you tags, or little verses and notepads to lift someone’s spirits. Apparently, others needed and liked this too, and that’s how Creativelykaty began.

My favorite thing about this business has been the community I’ve gained and the people I’ve reconnected with. High school friends, camp friends, college friends, and so many more ppl have reached out and supported and it has blessed me getting to be a part of their lives again.

Thank you for the support and love. I will continue to let the Lord lead in the ways He wants to take this business, and be grateful to all of you who follow along.